Our Team

Oege de Moor

VP of Next

I am the captain of the pirate ship that is GitHub Next, and I love making developers happy with new technology. For example, I was the driving force behind the creation of GitHub Copilot. Copilot is just a first glimpse of what is possible, and what this incredible crew can build!

At GitHub, as custodians of the world’s public source code, we have a tremendous opportunity to harness the collective wisdom of our community to build the next generation of developer tools.

In the past, I was both a professor doing blue-skies research at the University of Oxford, and a startup CEO and founder bringing new products to market for Semmle. Semmle's products are now sold as GitHub Advanced Security. These combined experiences were the perfect training ground for my current role, namely to come up with new ideas and to prove their product-market fit for GitHub.

If you'd like to join our crew at GitHub Next, drop me a line.