Our Team

Matthias Plappert

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Hi, I'm Matthias! I'm a machine learning researcher at GitHub Next. I'm currently most interested machine learning for code though I still get excited about robotics and reinforcement learning from time to time.

Before GitHub, I spent ~5 years at OpenAI where I worked on humanoid robot hands that can solve Rubik's cubes via reinforcement learning and sim2real (somewhat ironically I'm still terrible at solving them myself) and later on large language models and in particular OpenAI Codex.

My wife Laura and I recently moved from San Francisco back to Germany and we now live with our newly adopted and in my unbiased opinion extremely adorable dog Debbie in Berlin. Outside of work I love to hike and camp and I sometimes attempt to run, cook and play chess.

You can find more about my work on my personal website or on my Google Scholar profile.