Our Team

Luke Edwards

Staff Research Engineer


For more than a decade, I have been chasing my passion for crafting products and/or solutions to streamline the software development process. I love building developer tools and have dedicated most of my open-source career to eliminating the pain points that developers face.

Prior to GitHub Next, I was a freelance consultant which exposed me to a lot of unique problems, working with many different teams, and crafting tools and processes that accommodated & complemented varying preferences. Coupled with continuous feedback from the OSS community, my career has been a curation of learning what developers value and enjoy using.

For many, the ultimate reward is seeing a project come to life, but for me, it's helping others bring their ideas into reality with greater ease, speed, and enjoyment. I joined GitHub Next because they share this sense of fulfillment, have already had such an undeniably positive impact, and – most importantly – because of their ongoing mission to empower developers.

I ramble on Twitter @lukeed05 and am cursed with forever-rebuilding my personal site (lukeed.com).