Our Team

Krzysztof Cieślak

Staff Research Engineer

Hey 👋

My name is Krzysztof, and I'm a photographer, globetrotter, and public speaker. For the last few years, I've been working at GitHub Next, where I help to design and build the next generation of developer tools such as GitHub Copilot.

After the work, I'm an open-source software maintainer passionate about functional programming (especially F#), editor tooling and developer experience - I've created and maintained several OSS projects varying from language servers to web frameworks to IDE plugins.

Additionally, I'm a public speaker - you can meet me at many conferences around the world, where I'm always trying to meet new people and learn how to improve software developers' lives.

Online, you can find me on Twitter, YouTube, goodreads and (sometimes) Twitch. I also, from time to time, blog on Medium and on my personal site\