Our Team

Johan Rosenkilde

Principal Researcher

I like solving hard problems, especially if they involve coming up with fancy algorithms and writing extremely condensed code. At GitHub Next, my focus is on applying AI to improve developer productivity: I really enjoy the interplay between program analysis, dev-tools, and machine learning.

I started at GitHub in March 2021, and had the privilege of being one of the earliest developers on GitHub Copilot, helping to bring it from internal prototype to a paid product with half a million users. I joined GitHub because it seemed like it would be enormous fun to solve hard problems for prototyping innovative developer tools. I hadn't originally realised how energising it would also be to get hundreds of thousands of users that are excited about new features I build!

Before joining GitHub, I was a researcher in computational algebra and coding theory as Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark. I still have a great fondness for Gröbner bases and Reed--Solomon codes, though they seldom find their way into my work at GitHub. I spent most of my undergradute years doing static analysis and compilers, which initiated my love affair with functional languages.