Our Team

Don Syme

Principal Researcher

I am a Principal Researcher at GitHub Next. I work with researchers and open source communities to make better programming technologies, and, through that, make people more productive and happier.

At GitHub Next I contribute to advanced development and research projects. My aim is to make programming technologies that are simpler to use, interoperate well with other languages and combine multiple programming paradigms with strong AI assistance. I am interested in programming language perspectives on data integration, type inference, concurrency, incremental computation, tensor programming and AI-driven assistance to development. I'm responsible for the design and implementation of the F# programming language and work extensively with teams in the Microsoft Developer Division on other programming-related technologies.

Historically I've worked on the design and specification of virtual machines and contributed directly to the design of C#. I was co-responsible for C# and .NET generics, and one of many contributors to F# and C# async/await. You can read about the history in The Early History of F#. I am the primary author of Expert F#. In the past I have worked in formal specification, interactive proof, automated verification and proof description languages. I have a PhD from the University of Cambridge and am a member of the WG2.8 and WG2.13 working groups.