Our Team

Aqeel Siddiqui

Principal Program Manager

Hi, I’m Aqeel! I love harmonizing work across peoples, orgs, and cultures. Operational excellence is in my blood.

Since joining GitHub in 2018, I have reported to GitHub’s CTO and GitHub’s Head of Security driving their respective rhythms of the business. In my early days at GitHub I managed the technology workstream for the Microsoft acquisition due diligence. As part of that work I coordinated a full stack security assessment of all of GitHub. This work was highly cross-functional and included the remediation of critical and high findings prior to the deal closing whilst managing stakeholder expectations of GitHub and Microsoft execs. Other responsibilities of the Microsoft acquisition also included managing audits for Accessibility, OSS Licensing, Trade Controls, as well as driving GitHub’s IT conversion to Microsoft equity systems.

Now, and as an inaugural member of GitHub Next, I handle a variety of processes -- from infra coordination with Azure, to user recruiting, to release management -- so our amazing engineers can successfully bring their innovations to the public.

Prior to joining GitHub, I built and led a SaaS operations team for a cloud-based security provider.